Behind The Scenes: Membrane by Push 1 Stop & Wiklow

Push 1 Stop and Wiklow created a connection between the virtual world and the audience by utilizing three-dimensional images with Membrane, which combines digital and visual performance with the art of installation at the SonarHall stage. Imperfect rhythms, deep sound vibrations and images resembling a fabric by mimicking the texture of the transparent screen, the …Read More…

Behind The Scenesbb Behind The Scenes

Across the Line E-Book is Here!

Organized in collaboration with Digi.logue and British Council Turkey, the project AltCity Istanbul, which focuses on digital production of 12 artists from various disciplines who draw inspiration from Istanbul, shares the story of the project with the e-book Across the Line. British Council’s AltCity project visited Istanbul with a partnership of Digi.logue and British Council …Read More…


Game-Art with Kaan Sofuoğlu

Having been engaged in the Game-Art and featured in many mixed exhibitions, Kaan Sofuoğlu was one of the notable participants of Mamut Art Project held last month. We conversed with Sofuoğlu on digital art about which he feels pretty enthusiastic. Can you briefly introduce yourself? I was born in Istanbul in 1992. I study photography …Read More…

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