Design Thinking & Artful Thinking

Do you want to learn the philosophy of the game "Everything"and what solutions philosophy can offer in the fields of art and design?


Zorlu PSM


June 25, 2017


Held at Digilogue Space on June 15, Thursday, at 7 pm, the seminar “Design Thinking & Artful Thinking” will focus on David OReilly’s Game, Everything.

Organized in collaboration with ArtBizTech which comprises a multidisciplinary team of business and technology experts, designers, academicians and artists, the seminar will discuss the philosophy of the game and how it can offer solutions in fields of art and design.    Moderated by Emrah Yayıcı, a member of ArtBizTech who offers mentorship service in “Design Thinking” and “Artful Thinking” fields, the seminar will welcome Rabia Yorgancı Kındıroğlu, Gülşah Dağgeçen and Esra Özkan as speakers.

At the meeting to be held on the development of creative ideas, designing innovative products, services, processes, spaces and solutions by questioning design-oriented and artistic thinking perspectives, the participants also experience “Everything” in the special section established in the same field.