How Technological Art Will Be Carried into The Future?

The research project titled Technological Arts Preservation launched under the direction of Sabancı University and digitalSSM, continues with its third event with the collaboration of Digilogue!   In the online conference titled, “How Technological Art Will Be Carried into The Future?” , Sabancı University faculty members Selçuk Artut, Cemal Yılmaz and Osman Serhat Karaman, director of …Read More…


Behind The Scenes: Membrane by Push 1 Stop & Wiklow

Push 1 Stop and Wiklow created a connection between the virtual world and the audience by utilizing three-dimensional images with Membrane, which combines digital and visual performance with the art of installation at the SonarHall stage. Imperfect rhythms, deep sound vibrations and images resembling a fabric by mimicking the texture of the transparent screen, the …Read More…

Behind The Scenesbb Behind The Scenes