Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Performing Arts Center support the "digital transformation" which has become one of the most important concepts of today with a new platform called DIGILOGUE.

As a platform focusing on the relationship of digital with different disciplines, it aims to raise curiosity about digitalization, ask questions, and develop interdisciplinary dialogues. digilogue.com, the website of the platform that is aware of the importance of digital transformation on the masses, aims to bring together those in the creative industry who want to understand this world and develop their talents as a result of the intersection of digital transformation, which is considered a necessity of our time, in different fields such as architecture, music, art, fashion, cinema.

What Are We Doing?

Year-round Projects and Activities

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With panels and workshops, the Digilogue summits bring together the producing, teaching, and researching names of the field with its program of ideas for the future of art and technology, bringing together representatives of the creative industries.


Digilogue exhibitions, which provide a new space for works that are an extension of the current techniques and alternative ways of thinking gained by technology, are realizing digital transformation.

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Digilogue which is in cooperation with festivals, primarily Sonar Istanbul, that focuses on creative technology, is enabling future collaborations to bring together masses with the union of art and technology through producing updated projects that fundamentally change the production habits of the new generation.


Focusing on audiovisual performances, Digilogue hosts Turkish premieres of many local and international artists.

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With its talks that are offering alternative viewpoints, Digilogue supports a technology-driven way of thinking.


Digilogue, which mainly focuses on how technology affects our lives, creations, productions, and stimulates our imagination, enables projects that support this way of thinking and are the end results of the collaboration of different disciplines.

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New Content & Announcements


Strategies For Keeping It Live: Conservation of Performance: Louise Lawson

The research project titled The protection of technological artworks, launched under the direction of Sabancı University and digitalSSM, is carrying out its second event in cooperation with Digilogue! This program seeks answers to the question of how to carry digital media, video, interactive art, computer graphics, and animations, which gained attention with the development of digital technology, into the future. View More

The Mind Is Free and Must Remain Free: Yonca Karakas

Yonca Karakas is one of the artists who creates a semi-realistic world with her photographs. According to her, the essence is what makes a story best in art. In her works, she does not miss the effort to preserve the essence and that is the basis for all who create. Yonca Karakas is one of the artists who creates an alternative universe for her audience by disrupting their perception of reality with the characters and objects she uses in her photographs. Inspired by cinema...View More