Tepoto Sud morph Moruroa, Atıf Akın

Digilogue, in the scope of BASE Exhibition, brings Atıf Akın's installation, entitled 'Tepoto Sud morph Moruro' to Turkey for the first time!


Zorlu PSM


17 November


BASE, supported by Digilogue as a digital art partner, hosts newly graduate artists from all over Turkey, for the third time in Akaretler Sıraevler, Beşiktaş on November 14-17. This year’s exhibition will feature 120 works by 107 new graduates from 20 cities and 30 universities as a result of the selection committee’s evaluation. Digilogue brings together artist and instructor Atıf Akın ‘s ‘Tepoto Sud morph Moruroa’ video installation with the audience at No: 27 Digilogue Space.

Akın will share the project, production process and the philosophy behind it with the audience at W Studios on 17 November between 17:00 and 18:00 within BASE Talks. Atıf Akın is a lecturer in the Department of Art and Design at Rutgers University and is carries out field studies on visual art and design at New York. He is conducting studies that provide a historical and modern point of view with a techno-critical perspective on the philosophy of science, nature and movement and its related politics. The artist’s projects consist of a series of activities such as research-based documentation, data analysis and digital studio practices. It explores the manifestations of the boundaries – physical, metaphorical, linguistic – that exist around science, technology, nature, disasters, and political issues .Akın continues to work with various digital methods including visualization of photographic, video and quantitative information and programmable media.

In the last leg of his project called Mutant Mekan , Akın , with the support of TBA21-Academy on 2016, set out to visit the islands of Moruroa and Fangataufa, located in the Tuamotus archipelago of Polynesia, where France dropped a total of 193 nuclear bombs throughout the years 1966 and 1996. These islands were the scene of nuclear trials, and this nuclear activity left radioactive residues in water and on land .Akın focused on a small atoll called Tepoto Sud, a bit far from Moruroa and Fangataufa.Using a variety of digital visualization methods, including unmanned aerial vehicles, Akın created digital animations representing the process of transformation of radiation mutations into matter and geography, using a sequence of equations developed by mathematician Felix Klein to model ocean swell and waves in the late 19th century. Tepoto Sud morph Moruroa establishes a constant correlation between the formation and degradation of digitized geological structures, creating a contradiction between science and fiction.

Atıf Akın ‘s video installation ‘Tepoto Sud morph Moruroa’ will be screened within BASE between November 14-17 .To listen to the artist’s production processes and philosophical approach, you are invited to W Studios at 17:00 within BASE Talks on November 17.