Zo (Tarık Barri & Lea Fabrikant)

A virtual world where sound and vision are both the result of something behind it.

Zo is set in a universe where Tarik Barri and Lea Fabrikant use a complex system of improvised AV loops, MIDI triggers and creative programming to create a virtual universe of sound and light in real-time.


Creating a virtual universe of sound and light in real-time, Zo uses a complex system of AV loops, encompassing MIDI triggers, and creative programming by Berlin-based multidisciplinary artists Lea Fabrikant and Dutch-based self-identified visual artist Tarik Barri. Zo explores this complex universe with hypnotic, improvised performances.

With Zo, Lea Fabrikant and Tarik Barri aim to present a view of reality within an abstract and audio-visual space, transforming it into something that feels organic but interacting with the sounds and images they explore beyond what is possible in the world.

As the two artists interact with this universe, they navigate through a 3D space with sound and visuals, the light beams shaped by the movements of Tarık Barri turn into recognizable human forms and the echoing cycles of Fabrikant’s songs fill the virtual space with abstract human figures.