Sónar +D Istanbul 2022

AV Performances

The memorable audio-visual performances of Sónar+D, with the support of Digilogue, took place in the sixth edition of Sónar Istanbul and gathered the participants in the foyer of Zorlu PSM.


This year, 8 different audio-visual performances took place in the Sónar+D program on March 18-19 as part of Sónar Istanbul. Code of Conquer, inspired by algorithms that have become an indispensable part of modern life, made the opening performance of the first day of the festival.

Another performance that attracted the attention of the audience to Zorlu PSM foyer was Koi Failure‘s evolve_dissolve with its ambient sounds and dark visuals. The performance after Koi Failure, was performed by Ilgın İçözü with his project which started with acoustic elements and developed from the collaboration between blockchain and generative art, and then developed with algorithmically played drum parts. Emrexdoğan made the closing of the first night with the first project of the Algorave team, which prepared 2 different performances with the aesthetic understanding of experimental, dance and ambient music consisting of visual and auditory elements.

On the second night of the festival, SónarScreen was again the focus of attention of the audience. SónarScreen, which was opened with Code of Conquer, continued with the performance of Fluctuosa and /da, which tried to expand the boundaries of electronic music culture. The SonarScreen program ended with Blank Wall Season, a visual artist duo that produces conceptual art and new media.

Justintonic’s A/V performance met with the audience at SónarHall, with his project that processes the audio-visual recordings from different geographies and transforms them into a spatial performance.

With Sónar+D, thousands of participants were in Sónar Istanbul this year with performances where music, technology and creativity came together. See you in Sónar Istanbul 2023.