Digilogue X SALT: New Approaches to Data

Digilogue, contributes to the work carried out in a three-year collaboration with SALT as a digital infrastructure and system development partner to transfer the Istanbul Encyclopedia Archive, which is run by Kadir Has University, to the digital environment

Interviews and workshops entitled ''New Approaches to Data" will be held free of charge.


Salt Beyoğlu




Digilogu will contribute to the process to produce the necessary approaches and solutions based on the “Istanbul Encyclopedia” project and a global community of experts in the field will be involved in determining the roadmap for the digitization of the project.

Digilogue will invite researchers, artists and designers from different experiences and training that can open minds and contribute to the project efficiently while adding the know-how and network it has gained so far to the project. Digilogue aims to make sure Reşad Ekrem Koçu’s Istanbul Encyclopedia’s digital archiving process was designed in the most ideal and efficient way, to solve existing technical problems and support the development of a new system, vision.

The experts invited by Digilogue and the SALT and KHAS team will exchange ideas for the development of the project in special workshop programs. Rashad Ekrem’s Istanbul Encyclopedia project, in which many professionals, artists and researchers, who created important projects in machine learning, AI, information systems design and archive navigation will join and brainstorm is aimed to make great contributions to the studies of digital humanities in Turkey.

The Most Important Researchers In Their Field

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New Archive: Machine Learning as a Design Tool Workshop

November 2019

Will Denton and Seth Kranzler, the founders of Channel Studio, present the New Archive: Machine Learning as a Design Tool (English), by examining the usage of machine learning from the past to the present. In addition, the place of software designs in the processing and editing of written and visual data through deep learning and other machine learning methods are evaluated.


Book your place for the workshop in SALT Beyoğlu that will take place on Saturday, October 5th.

The first of the events to discuss the role of technology in the development areas of the creative industries starts on October 5th with Channel Studio, a New York-based technology and design studio. The workshop will focus on using machine learning as a design tool in an interview and workshop with the Channel Studio, which works for the digital uses of the data and collections of museum archives, as well as institutions such as the New York Times and Microsoft.

During the project, a free interview series with the leading names of the field under the title of “New Approaches to Data” will also be held in SALT Beyoğlu, which is open to the participation of students, artists, researchers and designers who are interested in the subject.

The first of the series of “New Approaches to Data” workshops, which will process good examples of software designs for processing and organizing text and visual data with deep learning and other machine learning tools, will present many resource recommendations and roadmaps for representatives of the creative industry.