Got To Keep On

”Got To Keep On“ is an audiovisual and new ”clubbing" experience.

An audio-visual experience created by different figures by Smith & Lyall with The Chemical Brothers' song Got To Keep On.


Zorlu PSM


October 02 - October 13, 2021

Got To Keep On is an audio-visual show at Zorlu PSM as part of Sonar 2021 with the support of Digilogue. The event, where you can experience the visual show of Smith & Lyall for The Chemical Brothers’ song “Got To Keep On”, will continue until 14 October.

The collaboration of Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall, who prepared visuals for the concerts of The Chemical Brothers, which as a band has always been known as innovative and successful in the electronic music scene during their long career, is as old as the band. Continuing their artistic collaboration, which developed and transformed during the rave culture in the early 90s, the duo transforms ideas from many different inspirations into costume designs in “Got To Keep On”, creating figures that dance with the audience at the same time. In partnership with the Design Museum, Adam is the other half of Vegetable Vision. Since his first work with The Chemical Brothers, Adamhas created a world of projectors, lights, lasers, large-scale accessories and costumes, and physical effects using 16mm and 35mm films. Creating a superior audio-visual world with the help of effects and light as the dancers are dressed in costumes with abstract designs accompanied by a choreography, Smith&Lyall gives the experiencers a sense of human presence beyond digital reality.  The work of the duo, who is inspired by Paris Is Burning and the cat walks and vogue dances in the drag scene, which started in the 80s in creating the dance choreography of Got To Keep On, is actually a new concert or club experience of today’s world.

Coming up with a new design idea for each scene during their association with The Chemical Brothers, one of the duo’s favorite aspect about working with the band is that they are encouraging and open-minded about investing in artistic productions. Marcus Lyall met Adam Smith while studying graphic design at Central St. Martins, and the duo has been coming up with new AV experiences ever since. In addition to The Chemical Brothers, they also worked with bands like U2 and Oasis in their early years.