Lumin, Ahmet Said Kaplan

Ahmet Said Kaplan's interactive digital experience “Lumin” was ordered by Digilogue for the Giveback Gala.


Raffles Otel İstanbul


26 February 2020


The Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation (Girvak), founded upon the vision of entrepreneurship for a country that produces and creates value, collaborates with Digilogue, the technology, art, and creativity platform, for the “Giveback Gala” event that was held on February 26th. At the ”Giveback “event, which is organized based on the philosophy of” giving back”, entrepreneurs aim to increase productivity by sharing their experiences, achievements, and innovations of the era with the community.

Ahmet Said Kaplan’s interactive digital experience “Lumin”, ordered by Digilogue for the Giveback Gala, is a striking example of contemporary art.