Hello City, Liam Young

Liam Young reveals the impact of digital technologies on our urban presence with his film “Hello City.”


Zorlu PSM


10 May 2018


Digital technologies are radically changing our perception of cities and our urban presence. Explore the wilderness beyond the machine by taking an auto-piloted taxi ride through a network of software systems, autonomous infrastructures, ghostly structures, anomalies, defects and standalone images, joining the interrogative architect Liam Young and an all-seeing smart city operating system. An audiovisual experience, the talk explores a city positioned in a place between today and the future, real and imaginary, brought together by pieces of genuine landscapes and designed urban fictions.

Liam Young, known as a “speculative architect” who is working in the fields of design and fiction, influenced the participants of Digilogue Summit 2017 by preparing an audio-visual experience. Bringing together our perception of cities and the effects of digital technologies on our urban presence with “Hello City”, Young takes us on a journey in an auto-piloted taxi in a network of imperfections and independent images, as he talks about the wilderness between reality and imagination, today and the future.