Digital Revolution

Digilogue brought together the world's most important artists presenting works in the field of digital art at Zorlu Performing Arts Center.


Zorlu PSM


6 May 2016


Digital Revolution, which has been the most comprehensive technology exhibition ever held in Turkey, was held at Zorlu PSM under the main sponsorship of Zorlu Holding and with the support of Vestel and enabled a new beginning in Turkey’s digital transformation story. As a part of this exhibition, the “Digilogue Panel”, which was held with speakers using the digital world in the light of different disciplines, was also the first event of the platform of the same name. Today, aiming to create an interactive world throughout the year by taking the annual panel series tradition one step further, Digilogue brought together the world’s most important artists presenting works in the field of digital art at Zorlu Performing Arts Center on May 6, 2016.

With the promise of a new world that will inspire digital art enthusiasts, technology lovers and people who have embraced innovation as a lifestyle and will encourage them to make their dreams come true, Digilogue discusses how digital transformation can become innovative and creative when it interacts with art, architecture and fashion, with the very artists themselves who create works in this field. The Digilogue Panel, hosted by Zorlu PSM and Zorlu Holding, meets its audience in two parts at Digital Revolution, enabling the industry to gain new awareness.

With Digilogue, Turkey's first platform to focus on creative industries and technology, where the projection of technology in different disciplines is discussed, comes to life.

In the first part of the panel, names representing our country abroad in the digital field such as; wearable technology designer, researcher and curator Birce Özkan who carries technology both to the fashion and to the runway; new media artist and researcher Refik Anadol who has many awards including “Microsoft Research” and “Research at Google”; successful architect, artist and researcher Güvenç Özel who ranked in the architectural competition named “Mars Colony” organized by NASA; architect, artist, researcher and educator Ebru Kurbak who creates wearable technological artworks using traditional textile methodslike knitting and embroidery; and also Micheal Tyka who converts the magical world of protein molecules into an art form with metal and glass sculptures; and Theodore Spyropoulos who is a successful representative of experimental architecture; give some tips to the participants about the new world order with their career stories and works.

In the second part of the panel, most important names in the digital field in Turkey, including Hürriyet CEO Çağlar Göğüş, Digiturk IT Executive Vice President Hatice Memigüven and Sony Pictures  successful animation director Eşku Turhan, evaluate the digital transformation and application areas.

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