Future Tellers

Future Tellers " is a group exhibition of 12 participants whose works in various fields such as drawing, sculpture, code, text, film and mixed media installation make visitors question the concept of the future.

The theme of "Future Tellers" is inspired by another human state, the imagination, which often takes place at the heart of science fiction.


Digilogue Space/ Zorlu PSM


13 June 2017


The requirements and inventions of new technologies often emerge from works of science fiction, which reminds us how important common beliefs and focused purpose are in building the future. The exhibition, which positions the artist as a storyteller, showcases their works as a result of artists ‘ internalized perceptions of technological developments and their reactions to them.

In his book “Thinking About Technology”, which focuses on the foundations of technology philosophy, Joseph C. Pitt suggests that technology is a defining feature of the human state, and suggests philosophy as the best form of inquiry for us to understand the effects and values of technology in our lives. Although an epistemological perspective is required to study technology as a general subject (after all, much of the foundation of technology is based on science),

Digilogue through Future Tellers asks the question of “Where will the human race be in the future and how will we change?” and invites participants to think about the concept of the future and explore modern-day technological elements that can produce future realities.

Digilogue Future Tellers invites everyone who wants to push the limits of their imagination to Digi.logue Space at Zorlu PSM between September 13-October 30.

Whether it is to examine our augmented self in the digitized modern world, to determine the place of humanity in the context of evolution, or to hypothesize about the complete disconnect or extinction of the human race, the exhibition deals with alternative future societies in which the physical boundaries between the human body, artificial intelligence, misleading dimensions of meaning, and computer-generated dialogues between research become unclear, and ultimately, mentions Elon Musk.

The culture of storytelling is also rekindling as each work approaches the collective concept of the future. Each work in the exhibition, in which the artists present their works as storytellers, can be perceived as a different perspective on technological developments, conceptual examples of these developments with different subtexts, or works that enable the future location of today’s technology to be considered or imagined. The exhibition emphasizes “thinking on technology” rather than using technology as a media tool.

The exhibition, which enables every visitor to find answers in their own imagination to the question of “Where will the human race be in the future and how will it change?, includes the works of Candaş Şişman, Pınar Yoldaş, Onur Sönmez, Elif Demirci, Joanie LeMercier & Ali M. Demirel , Alper Derinboğaz, Elif Ayıter, Özge Ejder, Selçuk Artut, Alp Güneysel and Eren Başbuğ.

Future Tellers

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