Body Paint, Memo Akten

Body Paint will be on display at Digilogue space, which takes place on the Zorlu PSM from March 8 to 10.


Zorlu PSM


10 May 2018


Sónar+D Istanbul, which provides participants with a unique experience with music, creativity and technology concepts, will be held for the third time with the contributions of Digilogue, is hosting Memo Akten this year with his interactive installation “Body Paint”.

Body paint, a visual tool that interprets the movements of wolves and changing/developing on a virtual canvas and enables you to paint your body with formation, exploring ways of creating impressive images and colours by capturing body movement and energy even though it does not to try a painting application.

The main purpose of his work, based on interaction, is the feeling of reacting to creativity. The way he directs his work is creating naturally from within himself, which is the focus of the artist.

“Body Paint,” which has also been exhibited at Tate Britain, the Victoria & Albert Museum and many galleries, comes out believing that the body forms a natural instinct to express itself through movement and dance.