Today's Art Festival

The applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning meets with the visitors in a digital magic.




21- 23 September 2018


Organizing its first global program curation with Today’s Art Festival which took place in The Hague, Digilogue brought Hyper_hologram, the first project of c/a who is an anonymous artist duo that experiments with AI, sound, visuals and mixed reality to this one of a kind contemporary art festival. Hyper_hologram is an extensive artwork that ranges from live performances to mixed show that grew out of two individuals friendship.   Presenting the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning to its audience in a digital magic, the project provides a surreal experience.

Following the performance of  Hyper_hologram, a speech was given by digital art curator Juliette Bibasse, with the participation of Digilogue artistic director Lalin Akalan, examining the developing collaboration of Digiloue and c/a and the value of their work at the festival, which Digilogue participated as a creative content partner. Evaluations were made on the background and the development of c/a’s work, which has been described as digital wizardry.