Focusing on how much technology affects our lives, our creations, our productions, and how much it triggers our creativity, Digilogue creates a bridge between the future, present and imagined today, depicted 50 years ago through Turhan Selçuk's Abdülcanbaz character.

Digilogue continues its four-year-long dream of future by awakening Abdülcanbaz from his 49-year sleep!


Zorlu PSM


8 Nov 2019


Turhan Selçuk is an artist who has shown the necessities of being a free artist in every period and has not given up advocating issues such as human rights, equality and justice. Without a doubt, Abdülcanbaz stands out as the cartoon character who reflects these attributes the most. Through the witty language of Abdülcanbaz, he deals with social issues in a guiding attitude that is a reference to the future. Today, when we look back, we see that it brought with it ideas that underlined the stance that enabled us to be both from Turkey and from the world. The vision of Turhan Selçuk, who achieved a unique place in the history of art with his intellectuality, continues to illuminate the way to today’s creative communities.  While Digilogue is trying to give a new perspective on the technological developments we are experiencing and to make egalitarian rights and information sharing possible for everyone; it also handles the subjects such as artificial intelligence, legal rights granted to it and data ownership in a series of free panels and workshops.  The fact that Turhan Selçuk examines the same topics 50 years ago via his cartoon character Abdülcanbaz, an Istanbul gentleman, is not a coincidence but an approach that points out to the very obvious fact that the information brought by the technology can be elevated to a much higher level.  Discussing the inner journey of technological developments in Turkey via Abdülcanbaz character, who is identified as an Istanbul gentleman, takes us on a journey through our own socio-political memories.