Future Tellers'20

Future Tellers believes in the importance of creating sustainable inter-institutional dialogues in order to create new northern stars in diversity
and equality.


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20th August - 8th October

Future Tellers, which have been organized since 2017, bring together creative industry professionals on online platforms under the theme of “Social Transformation and Creative Industries” in this period when we are questioning our old life, transforming our perspectives and are constantly online. Future Tellers, which turned into an online series with a seminar format in collaboration with Zorlu PSM and IKSV this year, invites us to see the impact of integration into virtual environments and our rapidly changing lives on creative industries from the perspective of culture and arts institutions and professionals! The platform which believes that the creative industry and the related innovative community will form affiliations that will respond to the experienced transformation also puts faith in that creating new ideas and support networks beyond the existing ones, opening up space for inter-institutional humanitarian dialogues, and open and sharing attitudes in line with the new value
judgments adopted by the world will yield fruitful results.

Future Tellers invite professionals who bring contemporary perspectives to the culture and arts scene with their future predictions in order to turn this transition period into a development, to see the impact of being integrated into virtual environments and the impact of our rapidly changing lives on creative industries from the perspectives of culture and arts institutions and professionals.

The report, which deals with the transformation of creative industries in today’s conditions from a social perspective, provides us with a detailed analysis of the current situation in the context of cultural and artistic institutions. The report, which collects analyzes from industry-leading names of the creative industries affected by the difficult conditions of our society, is with you in the digital environment with its predictions and sectoral analyzes about the future!

What will be discussed in this dialogue series?


Solidarity Among Turkish Arts & Culture Institutions

20th August 15:00

The Covid-19 crisis has been a period when culture and arts institutions also reconsidered their way of doing business. Future Tellers believes in the creation of sustainable inter-institutional dialogues in order to protect the creation domains and freedom of creation in Turkey, to offer the required support and designate new northern stars within diversity and equality. The moderator of the first session, which will take place on Thursday, 20 August at 15:00, is Gülay Afşar, and the invited panelists are
Ahmet Erenli (Borusan Art), Görgün Taner (IKSV), Levent Çalıkoğlu (Istanbul Modern Museum), Meriç Öner (SALT) and Murat Abbas (Zorlu PSM).

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Creativity and Technology Focused Ecosystems

3rd September 17:00

Residency programs, seed funds, incubation processes, commissions and programs that support the creation processes have developed many interlinked formats based on conversations and inquiries about the future of technology, science and art. Of course, most events have been canceled, institutions have had to close their doors, and some are facing major financial difficulties. Are there any advantages of working in this particular field in terms of adaptation?

International Arts & Culture Scene

10th September 19:00

We aim to include our international network in the conversation. Every professional we interact with and every project we collaborate on act as a bridge that connects different geographies and therefore different approaches to the multidisciplinary field of art and culture. Arts and Culture sector has been one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. With their headquarters closed in more than 138 countries; organizations from different countries are struggling with different obstacles to foresee and
manage the short-term and long-term effects of the social phenomenon we experience.

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The Future of Music Festivals

24 September 17:00

The fourth session of Future Tellers addresses how the Covid-19 pandemic and the new world it has created have affected the festivals and live music performances as well as the perspective of the international art scene for the new normal festivals and their future plans. Guests from all over Europe who participated in the webinar, have encountered extraordinary developments since March 2020, just like the other players in the industry. Festivals were postponed or canceled with tens of confirmed shows and thousands of tickets sold. Artists suspended their tours, and suppliers suffered greatly due to the major investments they have made.

Digital and Hybrid Events

15 October 2020 15:00

Future Tellers / Future Narrators narrates how the conference, meeting, event industry went through the pandemic period. We will discuss about the future of the event industry while examining online events within the framework of the MICE ecosystem, learning from these experiences and successful examples of the genre.The panel on “Digital and Hybrid Events” is a summary of what we experienced during the pandemic period, what kind of teachings this period would carry to. In the panel we will listen to the predictions of the future and the experiences of sectoral events such as Istanbul Fashion Week and Brand Week hosted by Zorlu PSM.

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What will be discussed in this dialogue series?

There will be talks covering
• Short and long term change / transformation predictions of international multidisciplinary performing arts centers
• Transformational insights of international technology and creativity professionals
• The adaptation scales of technology-oriented culture and arts fields and programs that we have observed during this period
• Digital / online art performances; Film, music, cultural festivals and concerts triggering change in the production and consumption processes in the world of music and art
• Virtual domains, experiences, tools and new disciplines and their permanence in digital stage
• New forms of online creation processes and collective productions by creative industry professionals
• How we understand and experience this transformation as a society.

Participants of the Future Tellers dialogue series will be able to follow the event on the Zoom platform and register via the link. Also, follow the talks that will be broadcast live on Zorlu PSM YouTube page!