Digilogue Voice Note Series #1

Digilogue Voice Notes is a content series in which experts from different disciplines explain the relationship between climate crisis and technology with one-minute audio recordings. The series aims to bring different perspectives and awareness to the audience, with each guest addressing the subject from different points of view. The first guests of the series, Atlas Sarrafoğlu, Emrah Kurum and Ecem Dilan Köse, share their thoughts on the subject from their own perspectives.


The first guest of the series, climate activist Atlas Sarrafoğlu, underlines that although fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas appear to be the main problem of the climate crisis, the real problem is actually human beings.

“This problem has been created by humans who carelessly exploited our planet since the Industrial Revolution, as if it has unlimited resources and, yet, only humans and technology will solve this problem.”




Environmentalist Activities Founder and Environmental Engineer Emrah Kurum reminds us that technology is a means, not an end.

“When we are in a dilemma between technology and sustainability, we can think about the function of the work done. If it’s having a negative effect, we can change it. If it promotes a positive transformation, we need to support it.”




Digital artist Ecem Dilan Köse reminds us of a world where we can develop, evolve and survive without causing destruction by adapting to nature.

“Nature has already solved all the problems that have ever existed. The experience of nature covers what works, what will ensure continuity, what will bring strength and development. Therefore, by understanding nature, using the design principles of nature, we can create sustainable solutions.”