Sónar +D Istanbul 2020

Sónar Istanbul's creativity and technology platform, Sónar +D Istanbul, takes on the daytime program of the festival as a reflection of Digilogue's work throughout the year.

Sónar + D Istanbul brings its participants together with names from creative industries in its 2020 edition through 15 different talks and panels.

Zorlu PSM

March 7, 2020


With the support of Digilogue, Sonar +D Istanbul offers a new platform to enthusiasts and professionals who want to explore groundbreaking works, find new opportunities, learn new skills, meet new people, and showcase their initiatives.  The day-long event includes demos, workshops, installations and three-dimensional experiences, as well as community meetings and talks

Collaborating with researchers, business leaders, and innovators from all sectors and industries, Sónar +D Istanbul opens the day-long panels to discuss how creative minds are changing our present and imagining new futures. Sónar’s night program also includes public conversations with local industry professionals and experts.

OMM-Odunpazarı Modern Museum exhibition director Zeynep Birced and Umut Özcan,  who is in charge of the events, participated in the panel entitled “Decentralization of the Museum Institution”, moderated by Lalin Akalan, the Artistic Director of Digilogue, who undertook the curation of Sónar +D Istanbul and discussed OMM’s understanding of museology, changing from classical and conventional concepts, through open, sincere and exploratory museology methodology.

Contributing to Sonar +D Istanbul with the topic entitled, “Evolution of music in 50 years after the war in line with the political, economic, sociological and technological advances”,  Levent Erden examines the evolution of music in the last 50 years, in line with the political, economical, sociological and technological advances.

Levent Erden and Furkan Temir, who comes together for the talk entitled” Sculpting the Truth with Augmented Reality“, are discussing questions such as, “Did we think that the machines could affect reality?” or “What awaits art, business, and entertainments sector when the reality is augmented or completely new?” and while doing so, they also talk about  “.USDZ”, which made Pokemon-go, Instagram filters, and documents in the world of data readable and global.

Tzusing and Dj Python, who have a multicultural background, come together for a talk titled “A Conversation with Tzusing & Dj Python” and talk about how they integrate their cultural heritage and local wealth into electronic music. The duo is accompanied by Elif Bereketli, whom we know from Trt World, Sabitfikir, and Cumhuriyet.

Ceren Özşahin and Zeynep Tümertekin, who joined Sónar +D Istanbul as co-founders of Studio Mada, are influenced by the worlds that the terminology they use in architecture created by gaining new meanings in different contexts. In their talk “Studio Mada Presents Parallel Minds”, Özşahin and Tümertekin invite participants to be part of this brainstorm to explore what the words “fountain-courtyard-entrance-layer-staircase-daylight” mean in different contexts and how they create new worlds.

In their talk titled, “Tech for Good – How to Fight Inequality Through Technology” which is moderated by Hale Ceren Zeytinoğlu, RE:CODED’s Etem Özdemirci, E-Bursum’s Mesut Yılmaz, and FazlaGıda’s Olcay Silahlı discuss the aspects of technology that eliminates inequalities and their own impact projects.

Berk Özmen and Serkan Gündüç share the success story of BUGECE, which has recently become one of the most important ticket distribution platforms in Turkey, in their talk entitled “An Entrepreneurship Story by BUGECE”.

Coming together for the Sonar+D Istanbul talk entitled “Music Distribution and Promotion in the Digital Age”, which is moderated by the music and operation manager of Videomite Müge Güçkan,  Milena Djuricic, the CEO of Videomite, MSG digital licensing manager Burcu Alnıaçık and one of the most promising new artist of the last years, Nova Norda, are discussing the music technology, distribution, and promotion in the digital age and copyright management.

In her talk entitled, “Modern Vocal Production Techniques”,  singer/songwriter/producer SIRMA, who realized her Modern Pop Vocal Production course via her online music school Soundfly in October, shares her secrets in creating the original atmosphere she creates with her own voice through the examples from her songs “On” and “Put You Faith On Me”.