Digital Revolution

The most comprehensive technology exhibition ever held in Turkey about how far the collaboration of art and technology can get!


Zorlu PSM, Sky Lounge


20 February 2016


After being held in London, Stockholm and Athens, Digital Revolution which brings together a series of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians, and game developers for the first time, is in Istanbul with the curation of Barbican International Enterprises and the support of Zorlu Holding.

You can witness how far can the collaboration of art and technology can get at Digital Revolution, which is the most comprehensive technology exhibition ever held in Turkey. The expansive exhibition which was first held in Barbican Centre -Europe’s largest performance arts center- last year, welcomed visitors between February 20- June 12 at Zorlu PSm with the support of Zorlu Holding.

Digital Revolution, which has covered many different topics including art, design, cinema, music and video games as a whole, was the crown jewel of the Barbican Centre for three months in 2014. Barbican International Enterprises, which has curated the exhibition, has benefited from the experience of the Digital Revolution which has focused on the transformation of art through technology since the 70s.

The opportunity to practice special effects techniques like that of Christopher Nolan's inception and Alfonso Cuarón's gravity.

Digital Revolution was introduced as “the most magnificent art and technology exhibition in the history of Britain” by important media outlets such as The Guardian and The Telegraph. Digital Revolution invites you to Zorlu Performing Arts Center so that you can look through the past, present and tomorrow of Digital Culture.

Istanbul; stands a chance to become the fourth city to host Digital Revolution, after London, Stockholm and Athens. Visitors; have the opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring work of world-renowned artists, filmmakers, designers, musicians and game makers.