Across the Line E-Book is Here!

Organized in collaboration with Digi.logue and British Council Turkey, the project AltCity Istanbul, which focuses on digital production of 12 artists from various disciplines who draw inspiration from Istanbul, shares the story of the project with the e-book Across the Line.

British Council’s AltCity project visited Istanbul with a partnership of Digi.logue and British Council Turkey after Sao Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), and Bogota (Colombia). During the two-week residency program which put technology at the heart of production methods of 12 artists from various disciplines, tech-based works that were inspired by Istanbul’s chaotic urban structure were exhibited at Digi.logue Space at Zorlu Performing Arts Center. The exhibition Across the Line looked for a new sense of balance and harmony through mixed media, installation, coding, light, sculpture and mechanical applications. You can examine the book “Across the Line” to find your answer to the question “What lies across the line?”, and to learn more about the creators and participants of the project.