How Technological Art Will Be Carried into The Future?

The research project titled Technological Arts Preservation launched under the direction of Sabancı University and digitalSSM, continues with its third event with the collaboration of Digilogue!  

In the online conference titled, “How Technological Art Will Be Carried into The Future?” , Sabancı University faculty members Selçuk Artut, Cemal Yılmaz and Osman Serhat Karaman, director of Sakıp Sabancı Museum digitalSSM, will discuss the questions about how artworks that are based on technology and need technology to work can be carried into the future. 

If you are curious about the questions such as, “Why and how should we protect technological artworks?”, “How can software play a role in protecting technological artworks?”, “Does the update of the technologies used by technological artworks in the face of rapidly evolving technological developments eliminate the authenticity and historicity of the works?”, “What should be the main responsibilities of the artist in terms of protecting the technological artwork?”, “What are the ethical criteria?”, don’t forget to register for this free and online public conference!  

The conference entitled “How Technological Art Will Be Carried into The Future?” will be held on May 15th at 2 PM via Zoom.