With panels and workshops, the Digilogue summits bring together the producing, teaching, and researching names of the field with its program of ideas for the future of art and technology, bringing together representatives of the creative industries.

Future Tellers 2020

20 August - 8 October, 2020

Future Tellers, which have been organized since 2017, bring together creative industry professionals on online platforms under the theme of “Social Transformation and Creative Industries” in this period when we are questioning our old life, transforming our perspectives and are constantly online.

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Future Tellers 2018

October 19-20, 2018

Bringing together the producing, teaching, and researching names on the field of New Learning, Profiling in the Data Age, Impact of Algorithms on Society and Culture, Legal Rights, Freedom and Privacy of the User in Digital Spaces, the summit allows us to focus on new discoveries in the light of different disciplines.

Future Tellers 2017

September 28, 2017

Digilogue Summit 2017 brought together the pioneers of the field who are working on many topics such as the human body, artificial intelligence, digital architecture, innovative product development, and technology ethics. Your future relies on today. And today calls on you to push the boundaries of your knowledge, broaden the horizons of your mind and cross your borders.

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Digital Revolution

March 6, 2016

It has allowed a new beginning in Turkey's digital transformation story. As part of this exhibition, "Digilogue Panel", which included speakers who use the digital world in the form of other disciplines, was the first event of the same-titled platform.