Digilogue which is in cooperation with festivals, primarily Sonar Istanbul, that focuses on creative technology, is enabling future collaborations to bring together masses with the union of art and technology through producing updated projects that fundamentally change the production habits of the new generation.

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Sonar Istanbul 2019

March 8-9, 2019

Sónar Istanbul, which will be held at Zorlu PSM for the third time with contributions from Digilogue, is hosting out-of-line shows by new artists who focus on experience and atmosphere. Each year, Sónar+D brings together the names that produce innovative works from different industries, contributing to the touch of creativity through technology.

Today’s Art Festival

March 9, 2019

Following the performance of Hyper_hologram, the festival, of which Digilogue was the creative content partner, featured a talk that is produced by digital art curator Juliette Bibasse with the participation of Digilogue Artistic Curator Lalin Akalın. The talk discussed the evolving collaboration of Digiloue and c/A and the value of their work. Assessments were made on the background and development of c/a's work, which has been described as digital wizardry.

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Sonar Istanbul 2018

April 6-7, 2018

Sónar, one of the world's most important electronic music festivals, has just turned 25. The Istanbul leg of the festival was organized for the first time last year and made a tremendous impact. The festival, which was held again on 6-7 April this year at Zorlu PSM, brought together many names from musicians, academics, researchers, and scientists who are producing music.

Sonar Istanbul 2017


With the co-sponsorship of Digilogue, Sonar Festival, one of the most prestigious electronic music festivals for those who want to experience an extraordinary music and festival experience, was held in Turkey for the first time at Zorlu PSM.

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