Base 2018

105 works by 94 new generation artists from around the country were selected to be exhibited at the BASE.

Digilogue, which does not limit its activities to the digital world alone, takes BASE's interaction with events to another level with its panel and exhibition.


Galata Rum Okulu


10 May 2018


Digilogue, which is about digital transformation, one of the most important concepts of today, is supported by Zorlu PSM, the heart of the art world and Zorlu Holding and is making a difference on digitalization which is about the relationship between the world and other concepts. Digilogu presents Turkey’s new generation artists platform, BASE!

BASE brings together the works of young artists from all over the country This year, 105 works of 94 new generation artists were selected to be exhibited at BASE, which received close to 1200 applications from 65 universities.

BASE 2018 will be curated by Derya Yücel and will exhibit works from many different arts such as painting, ceramics, video, sculpture, photography and graphic design.  Get ready to meet the works of the new generation of artists that is based on the questions “Can this be me? Do I have a home? Are my dreams real?”. “Can This Be Me?” is about self-consciousness based on the concepts of body, self and the other.  “Do I Have A Home” focuses on problems related to migration, exile and urban life through social life and social relationships with a human-specific meaning.  Productions that convey inner psychological situations, the limit of imaginations and its means with abstract expressions are placed within the question, “Are My Dreams Real?”