Future Tellers 2018: Workshops

The pioneers of the open source movement carried out basic training programs in their fields.


Zorlu PSM


10 May 2018


The summit, which brings together people who create, teach and research on the field with its two-day program that examines the future of art and technology, is presenting its third edition.  Digilogue Summit-Future Tellers’18, which added panels as well as workshops to this years program, completed its daytime events in 24 hours with a “Digilogue All Day All Night” performance series. Its first day, that is full of panels that offer alternative perceptions on topics such as “New Learning” “Profiling in the Data Age”, “Impact of Algorithms on Society and Culture”, “Legal Rights, Freedom and Privacy of the User in Digital Spaces” and “The Future Role of Education” was followed by its second day, in which the pioneers of the open-source movement created basic training programs in their own fields. The 48-hour program once again united the representatives of the creative industries within the scope of Digilogue.