Questions about how the metaverse, where everybody has the opportunity to create their own personas, will shape the future is among the interests of people from all walks of life. It was also the focus of the “Human Behavior in the Metaverse” panel of Digilogue Summit'22, held at Zorlu PSM last October. The participants of the panel were Levent Erden, an academic who follows digital art and behavioral psychology closely, Enes Güç, visual artist and director who works with CGI and artificial intelligence, and “metaverse” consultant NinaJane Patel.

Zorlu PSM Sky Lounge

21-22 October 2022


Nina Jane Patel, quoting Thomas A. Furness in her speech, stated that “metaverse” resembles atoms to her, since the way it’s used will determine if it’s harmful or beneficial. Patel also emphasized that the “metaverse” is a combination of immersive technologies, the next evolution of the internet. Immersive technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies have come together to live in a continuous virtual world where we move seamlessly from physical to digital. As the virtual and physical world gradually evolves into a position where it achieves growing harmony, the “metaverse”, with its artistic understanding built on the intersections of culture, mental health and technology, has a “comprehensive technology” and decision-making quality, according to Patel.

On the other hand, the “metaverse” for Enes Güç is a parallel universe where creatives can design their own words. It was mentioned in the panel that institutions and artists can build strong structures and even create a sustainable ecosystem by collaborating in this parallel universe.

But the real brain twister is the possibility of finding a reality inside reality. Levent Erden stated that the emergence of concepts like augmented reality, mixed reality, hyper-reality and combined reality caused polyphony, and this confusion caused the division of the two universes; while Patel argued that the amount of reality can increase according to the requirements of humankind. 

With its close relationship with imagination, “metaverse” offers the users a more democratic and global space. This brings aesthetic perception and psychological breakdowns, individual opportunities and transformation along with it. Nina Jane Patel stated that this issue is more like an unlocking opportunity than a limit. She stated that this creativity driven universe may challenge people one day in the future, when certain platforms turn into data that manipulates human behavior. 

While Levent Erden emphasized that the concept of meta is completely unique to this era, Patel stated that new belongings may emerge in the future. She explained that “metaverse” provides a sense of belonging to those who feel lonely and do not belong to this world. Erden said that digital existence is “the future of wallets and digital wallets” and highlighted the integral bonds between “metaverse”, economy and education. He also added that the most favorable education will be discovered by the individual in this environment without an educational platform. While Güç supported Erdem’s claim, he stated that the concept of creativity in art was restricted by schools. Another issue stated in the panel was that it is possible to create a more favorable ecosystem for transferring this system to the future generations, only because the relation with technology is in human control. 

Enes Güç

Artist & Director

Having graduated from the 3D Animation department at the University, Enes Güş’s visual aesthetics has been shaped by his general higher education specializing in painting and fine arts, as well as the foundations he has had since his childhood. In addition to the effects of traditional aesthetics, it tries to create an aesthetic perception at the intersection of the classical art field and the digital field. For this reason, its focus is to create a harmony by combining classical and contemporary subjects in a balanced way. Her work has been published and featured in various institutions and media platforms, as well as in magazines such as Nowness, Dazed, Dazed Beauty, Vogue, Hero Mag, Another Mag, Berlin Atonal and many more.

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Levent Erden


After graduating from Galatasaray High School; Levent Erden completed his undergraduate and MBA program at Boğaziçi University. For 35 years of his life, Erden assumed senior management positions in multinational companies such as L'Oréal, Allied Lyons, Pepsi Co, Havas. At Bilgi University, where he is also in the founding team; He is the chairman and academician of Next Academy, the leading Master's program in interactive business management, marketing and communication.

Nina Jane Patel

Metaverse Consultant

Nina has an artistic understanding based on the intersections of culture, mental health and technology. Nina has collaborated extensively with artists and technology developers to consider how exponential technologies, thanks to her innovative attitude, will change the representational forms of human movement and interaction in the near future. She examines the multi-identity evolutions of human movement in the context of a world where virtual and physical spaces are increasingly blended. Introduced by the World Economic Forum as a global innovator As an award-winning entrepreneur, Nina is invited to stages around the world to share her signature speeches that deliver uplifting and stimulating messages to help shape the future.

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