The issues of how Blockchain-based Web 3.0 and similar versions will shape our understanding of music, make the industry independent and influence the lines drawn in determining the value of music were discussed at Digilogue Summit '22, held in Zorlu PSM in October.

Zorlu PSM Sky Lounge

20-21 October 2022


In the panel “Web 3.0 and the New Age of the Music Industry” moderated by journalist Alper Bahçekapılı, who is experienced in the media, music and events industries, Kaitlyn Davies, who previously worked with music producer and artist Yasin Vural (VEYasin), on platforms such as Boiler Room and Soundcloud, talked about the future of the music industry looking through the lense of Web 3.0.

According to Kaitlyn Davies, who explained how they aim to support music and artists through Web 3.0-oriented independent organizations she works with, Friends With Benefits, which is located at the intersection of crypto and culture, Refraction, which organizes digital music events, services such as streaming that cause rumors that the music industry is on the rise. It is in a sterile place at the point of financially meeting the value it deserves.

In addition to Kaitlyn; stated that artists should expand their skills and adapt to developments that offer new production forms such as Web 3.0, rather than withdrawing into their shells by producing in a single area, and that they may not be tied to album sales or tours.

On the other hand, music producer and artist Yasin Vural, developed a positive perspective in this period when it is thought that technology can sometimes make everyone more individual and lonely, and mentioned that this progress can offer new ties and communication channels. “We will create new playgrounds and produce content that can increase the visual world of the music we make and the connection with our fans.” He pointed out the potential ties that could be developed.

A process where the artist can both establish deeper bonds with his audience and focus on creativity rather than materiality is closer than we expected with Web 3.0.



Alper Bahçekapılı


Alper Bahçekapılı has worked in many different fields in the music industry for the last twenty years. He worked as a reporter, editor and writer in many newspapers and magazines including Vogue Turkey, Aktüel, Based Istanbul and BirGün. He took part in the founding staff of Rolling Stone Turkey. In addition to his journalism career, he worked in the field of digital music at Nokia and Microsoft and worked as a manager. While he continues his articles in different media, especially in Gazete Oxygen, he presents his weekly program on PSM Radio.

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Kaitlyn Davies


Born in Toronto, Kaitlyn Davies is a Lisbon-based creator and practitioner. Being in the music industry, she developed her talents at cultural organizations such as Boiler Room, SoundCloud, and!K7 Music. She currently spends time exploring the interdisciplinary intersections of technology, society and music through research, facilitation and community organizing in her roles with Friends With Benefits and Refraction DAOs, and hosts radio shows on Refuge Worldwide and Cashmere Radio.

Yasin Vural (VEYasin)

Artist & Producer

Music producer and musician Emin Yasin Vural, known by his stage name VEYasin, Mode XL, Hey! Douglas is the co-founder of Basemode Records, Kamp Records and FFW Creative Audio. Thanks to being one of the founders of Midas’ın Kulaklığı’ music studios in Ankara, he started to increase his relationship with other genres besides rap. He specialized in making music with the sampling technique. At the same time, he entered the world of soundtrack composition and commercials. He worked on advertising music and sound design for many global brands. In October 2022, Air Anatolia project was implemented.

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