He was born in Gaziantep in 1974. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1999. He still teaches “Cyber Crimes in Turkish Law” for the master’s program at Bilgi University Information Technologies Institute of Law. He formerly taught the optional “Information Technology Law” course at Altınbaş University Faculty of Law. He has taught and continues to teach corporate courses about Information Technology Law, Social Media Law and Technology Law at various companies, public offices, universities and academic organizations. He writes articles about Information and Technology Law for various magazines and websites. He regularly contributes to the magazine Digital Age about Internet, technology and legal developments. Having attended innumerable symposiums, conferences and panels about Information Technology Law, he also organized and curated many events. He received the certificate “Computer Forensics Expert” by Izmir Advanced Technology Institute Computer Engineering. He also received the certificate from “U.S.A Law and Legal English” program at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Minneapolis, U.S. He mainly focuses on Criminal Law, Information Technology Law and Commercial Law and works as an attorney in information technology cases and as a law consultant for informatics, technology, Internet, digital gaming and digital advertising companies. For two times, he was the president of Istanbul Bar Association Information Law Center which he founded. He is currently working on non-governmental operations as the member of executive board at the center; member of board at Foundation for E-Commerce and Internet Law; member of board at Foundation for Digital Transformation; member of board at TİD Foundation for Internet; stand-in member of board at Foundation for Turkish Criminal Law; and member of Informatics Association of Turkey. He is a member of the International Technology Law Association (ITECHLAW) which gathers international technology attorneys.