18 August 2018

Digilogue Summit – Future Tellers’18

On Action

Future Tellers’18 brings together people who produce, create and teach with a focus on the “Open Source Movement” between October 1 and November 15 at Zorlu Performing Arts Center. It aims to explore open and closed states of...

3 August 2018

Future Tellers 2018: Open Call

On Action

This year, Future Tellers will focus on the Open Source Movement and New Learning. We’re curious as to how the representatives of this movement, namely sharing, transparence and collective production, affects and changes creative...

16 May 2018

Meet The Artist: Daito Manabe

explore, On Action

One of the most professional names of the digital creative scene, Daito Manabe is a media artist, interaction designer, programmer and DJ. In 2006, he founded the company Rhizomatiks which brings together art and technology, and has...

2 May 2018

Meet the Artist: Liam Young

explore, On Action

Australian speculative architect Liam Young portrays the new age of technology in its reality with “I Spy with My Machine Eye” which comprises collages of drone images he’s collected in remote areas for a long time. Working in the...

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