Is it possible to cool off your body while sweating? We can imagine you ask “How?” The answer is hidden in the new material developed by MIT Media Lab researchers. Created with biological cells, the breathable exercise material “BioLogic” turns into a “breathable” exercise clothing covered in small airfoils.

Covered with live microbial cells that get smaller based on changes in humidity, these airfoils serve as reactive sensors and cool off the body. If it’s exposed to humidity, the clothing swells and glows green thanks to the fluorescent it features.

BioLogic is a live and organic clothing that actively preserves sweat and decreases the body heat thanks to the E. coli bacteria. The clothing make bacteria completely harmless via a thin layer between the cells and the body.

Project supervisor Wen Wang stated that new functions could be added to BioLogic with the help of genetic engineering in the future – emitting a fragrant smell is one such feature! Washable, dryable and re-wearable bioluminescent and bio-reactive clothes are what future technology is made of!