Technology not only makes our lives easier, but also allows us to see the most striking examples of art. Italian art and science studio fuse * offers a dance performance using real-time data with Dökk. Acorrding to fuse*, the creators of Dökk which is going to be premiered on 16 October in Zorlu PSM Turkcell Platinium Stage with the support of Digilogue, technology in art is just a tool, never the purpose.

Italy’s most innovative art and science studio fuse * ‘s work is inspired by technology. Dance performances using real-time data designed with special software Dökk is the most important indicator of its innovative structure. According to the team, the concept behind Dökk is based on the reality we live in .They also state that this is the result of the translation of inputs perceived by our senses and interpreted by our minds .These inputs become images, sounds, odors in our minds, and have a significance representing everything that exists. In this project of fuse * we watch the war of darkness and light in a very different language .The team explains how they developed this metaphor: “During his journey in Dökk, our hero coexists with two screens.We show the metaphor of the difference of everything between what is in your mind and what is reflected to the digital universe .These universes, as they are, can be seen at the very beginning of life, in childhood and when we die .During this journey, the universe deforms in different ways .This deformation exists in our ideas with the experiences of our lives, the society we are in, the relationships we have established and everything that has occurred.All we have to do is lose the purity of childhood. This whole process symbolizes the creation of light and darkness. Only at the end of life, by rediscovering the light, we have a chance to perceive reality once again with the sincerity of a child.”

Abstract choreography made without using words

Fuse* who is operating between art and science, puts emotion in the center of their works. For them, technology is just a tool, never a purpose .Always emphasizing the necessity of telling a story, the team uses emerging technologies to give depth to the narrative and touches its audience with an emotional tone. “We offer viewers a unique perspective that can somehow inspire them.Human is the center of our narratives and experiences, and technologhy is only in the service of the content If we focus solely on technology without giving a deeper meaning to what we are doing, we will only do as much as the duration of that technology. We believe that works of art must be eternal in the face of frantic changing and evolving technology. ” says, fuse*. It is very important for them that the audience accepts to accompany the journey they created. They see the show as a goal that makes the audience find their own meaning and inspire them to be free. fuse * describes this bond, “We love the idea that every person can empathize with the works we create. We especially enjoy discovering which emotions, memories and emotions emerge in the audience. Without words, we only work with visual and audible metaphors paired with very abstract choreographies, but the views of audiences of all ages and cultures emerge very differently. In doing so, we think we have succeeded in creating a universal language that can touch many people and provide a collective experience. ”

Your stories need empathy

Fuse * produces interdisciplinary works with the effect of light, sound, space and movement .This is due to the diversity of the team of sound engineers, artists, musicians and technicians .They also emphasize that they are a team of people from many disciplines. They make the creative process creative by allowing people with different skills to work together. “We have a set of values that guide us and give us the structure to create the fuse * identity. Some of them are that human beings are always at the center of experience, that the story we want to tell is the guide, values that enable us to remember that technology is nothing but a tool …Each project needs to inspire, unite, and have a deep meaning for us and the audience. ”says the fuse* team about the difference brought by this diversity, fuse* team who is a storyteller with technology, believes that it is possible to create good stories and that this is done with a word, a color, a poem, a music, a scientific theory .Their first goal is to allow the story to empathize as many people as possible. According to fuse *, there are endless possibilities for developing technologies.The interesting aspect of digital technologies is that they allow them to create bridges and connections between different languages and even to create new ones. When it comes to our new play Dökk, the technology we use on the stage is very important in establishing a deep connection between narrative elements that integrate with music, visuals and choreography. ”

fuse * ‘s 2019 German Design Award Special Mention Award and Digital Designer, Sound Designer winner play will make it’s first Turkey premiere on 16 October in Zorlu PSM Turkcell Platinium Stage with the support of Digilogue.