Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Performing Arts Center supports “digital transformation” that has become one of the most prominent concepts of our time with a new platform called Digi.logue.

Utilizing the cutting edge technology in its innovative vision in all areas, Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Performing Arts Center, a leading force in Turkish culture and arts scene, unite their forces to lay the foundation for Digi.logue. As a platform that focuses on digital’s interaction with other disciplines, Digi.logue aims to arouse curiosity, ask questions and build an interdisciplinary dialogue. Aware of digital transformation’s influence on masses, the platform’s website – digilogue.com – aims to bring together those who participate in creative industries and wish to understand this world and improve their talents at the junction of different fields such as architecture, music, art, fashion and cinema that cross paths with digital transformation which is a necessity of the age. It aspires to fill the need for a platform that creates interaction, explores and builds awareness. Not limiting its activities to the digital realm, Digi.logue collaborates with Zorlu Performing Arts Center and universities to organize free-to-attend events, performances, presentations, Q&A sessions and seminars to carry interaction to a higher level.