Presenting a 20-minute performance titled Streamline at Sonar Istanbul, Nohlab was founded by Candaş Şişman and Deniz Kader, who have been working together for a long time, in 2011. Streamline offers an audiovisual experience in which the duo defines the relationship between behaviors of fluids and the surface. Streamline, through which we witness the experience of the duo who creates things based on the interaction between technology, art and design, is prepared with the inspiration from forms designed to minimize the surface’s resistance for the flow.

A multidisciplinary studio working for the culture and arts and advertisement industries in new media based on art, experience design, animation and technology, Nohlab questions the relationship between technology, art and design with its works. Creating stories focusing on designs that express the connection between humans and technology in a multidisciplinary way, Nohlab has previously collaborated with brands and organizations including Chanel, Pink Floyd, Target, Aud, Nike, Scriabin Museum and EA Theater. Having also received awards from prominent festivals such as Arts Festival and ARS Electronica, Nohlab has attended festival and events such as ARS Electronica, OFFF, TedX and Vivid.