Hero ヘロ, the second intercontinental collaboration between Onur Sönmez and Motoi Shimizu who previously partnered for the Mandalay installation, makes us reflect on the memories of our transforming lives with its space-based installations. This different approach of the artists bears the idea that every human will be swallowed into his/her stomach at one point in their lives. While Motoi experienced the emergence of a whale in the coast of Reunion Island last summer, Onur Sönmez experienced being in inside a whale’s stomach in Istanbul in 2015. One of the most striking audiovisual performances at Sonar Istanbul, Hero ヘロ is realized like a soft Project as intended by the artists. The self-transforming project turns from a relaxing and abstract slowness to a high-tech digital artwork. The artists explain their choice of project name with the journey of a hero. “We see transformation throughout this journey and, at the end of it, the hero is not the same,” says Motoi Shimizu. Taking every person on a journey of self-transformation, Hero ヘロis our only savior that makes us feel calm in this journey.