Displayed among the audiovisual performances presented by Digi.logue as part of Sónar Istanbul, Hakanai is a dance choreography performed in the immersive environment of a moving cube, to explore the fleeting nature of dreams and the fugacity of life. Created by Adrien Mondot & Claire Bardainne, Hakanai removes the boundaries between imagination and reality.

Led by juggler, artist and computer scientist Adrien Mondot and graphic designer Claire Bardainne, the Lyon-based company combines the real and virtual worlds with IT tools that are developed specifically for each installation and performance.

If features live animations based on physical movement modelling, on an original music score played live. After the quadrifrontal performance, the audience is be invited to explore the stage installation. Meaning “impermanent, fragile, evanescent, transitory, and fleeting,” in Japanese, Hakanai is positioned somewhere between dream and reality. This very ancient word also captures an elusive aspect of the human condition and its precariousness, but also grounded in nature.

© Romain Etienne

It’s written by combining the graphic characters symbolizing ‘man’ and ‘dream’. This symbolic association is the starting point for a dancer who will face images revealing what lies on the brink of imagination and reality.” With Hakanai, where each performance turns into a unique experience, Adrien M & Claire B puts the human experience at the center of the technological structure they developed. Supporting the strong visual focus on the body with unique bespoke technologies created in-house, the duo describes Hakanai as “digital puppetry” when they evaluate the performance in terms of the imagery manipulated by the dancers.

© Romain Etienne

Created as an interactive installation of 10 pieces, Hakanai takes its current shape by enabling the audience to interact with the installation after the performance. Aiming to make digital art that is mobile, organic, handcrafted, short-lived and responsive, Adrien M & Claire B describe their works by saying, “For us, there is no gap between art and technology – they are the same thing. For us, rationality and sensuality can be two aspects of the same thing just as the virtual and reality. This is our reality.” They also emphasize that their aim is not science, though they begin the creative process through it.

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