Galleries continue to go beyond their physical boundaries. The National Gallery of Art (NGA) in Washington, D.C. compiles a digital archive of over 45,000 artworks, presenting it to all art enthusiasts free of charge.

NGA has taken its place among galleries and museums which continue to take firm steps towards their aim to provide art fans free-of-charge and easy access via digital archives. Presenting over 45,000 digitally archived artworks free of charge, NGA compiles all artworks categorized in themes on a platform called NGA Images. The website also features search, share and download functions in addition to complimentary information and images.

This exquisite selection includes the high-resolution version of Self-Portrait by Van Gogh from 1889, or Henri Rousseau’s iconic oil paintings titled Tropical Forest with Monkeys from between 1844 and 1910. By registering to the website, you can curate your own selection with this online collection, or personalize each piece by adding special notes.

With an experience of over 80 years, the National Gallery of Art is now closer than ever!